Personal OKRs: Q1 Recap

Personal Q1 OKR updates - How has the first three months been? Sharing progress against 2021 goals.

Personal OKRs: Q1 Recap
Personal Q1 OKR Updates
Personal Q1 OKR Updates

In early January I set objectives and key results for my personal life in 2021. Given it’s the nearing the end of March, the end of quarter one of 2021, I wanted to openly share what progress I made against these goals and share my learnings, failures, and thoughts on what I accomplished (or didn’t) in Q1.

I had four goals:

  1. Read 12 books in the year
  2. Get back to dating
  3. Attend 6 big events
  4. Embrace my creativity

Read 12 books in the year

I’ve always loved reading and, to be honest the art of Tsundoku — A Japanese term for the art of buying books and never reading them.

I go through phases of devouring books and then months of not reading any books. This OKR is attempting to even out the ‘flip flopping’ between reading a lot and not.

In January I listened (via Audiable) to Principles by Ray Dalio. I found myself listening to this book whilst going on my daily mandated COVID lockdown walk. Overall, I enjoyed the book as it had a pleasing mix of overview and applicability to my life.

In February I read The Method by Juli Zeh. I enjoyed this English translation of a German dystopian. It’s a book I would have never come across if it wasn’t for my Mr B’s Emporium monthly subscription.

At the time of writing this (March 20th), I’m most of the way through The Long Way to a Small, Angry Planet by Becky Chambers. It’s the first of a trilogy which follows a ship travelling to the farthest reaches of space for a once in a life time job. I’m enjoying it so far, I’ll update my Good Reads when I’ve finished.

Get back to dating

This is the second biggest fail of the first quarter of the year.

I’ve been active on dating Apps and matched with some lovely and interesting people, but due to COVID lockdowns and not wanting to put others lives at risk we haven’t met up in real life. This has led to the conversations fizzling out.

I’ve tried messing with the photo order to my online dating profiles and, at least so far, it’s had no noticeable positive impact.

Boo! Expect more updates in Q2.

Attend 6 big events

I have attended 0 big events in Q1 2021. Why? You guessed it, COVID lockdowns. In my opinion, it’s more important to stay away from such events until most of the population has been vaccinated, as my good conscience couldn’t deal with being part of people dying.

I have booked in for my first post-COVID event — An immersive Van Gough exhibition. In November 2021. Yes, November. Maybe the world will be back to a new normal by then, fingers crossed.

Embrace my creativity

I’ve been creating at least one YouTube video per week so far in 2021 and it’s been a real blast, I’ve loved it!

I’ve learned how to quickly edit by learning some of my most common keyboard shortcuts for Adobe Premiere Pro, found my go to background music and transition effect. I’ve managed to write, record, and edit a Friday afternoon Weeknote video in just over an hour (1;10 is my quickest end to end).

I’m proud of what I’ve been able to accomplish so far with YouTube. You can follow along with the YouTube fun here.

I’m going to trial branching out into a newsletter and blog posts too, watch this space in Q2 2021.

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