Returning from hiatus

Returning from hiatus

I haven't posted in a while, around a year has passed since my last post.

I kept second guessing what content people might be interested in. I kept all the ideas I had rattling around in my brain, but I didn't share them.

That was a mistake.

I like to learn from my mistakes.

So, I'm breaking my long hiatus.

What's happened since we last spoke?

Personal updates

  • I almost died, twice. A surgery complication had me needing more units of blood than the average human has in total - Does that make me a vampire?
  • I have a girlfriend now. She is very cute, and we enjoy exploring the country together. Expect more tweets with cute photos.
  • I've moved to Newcastle. Goodbye London, it was a fun entirety of my life but it's time to explore the North East

Professional updates

  • Completed consulting stints in DWP, Camden Council, BEIS, and Homes England
  • Became a member of a co-working space in Newcastle
  • Currently working with MoJ on an exciting Alpha for the next couple of weeks

There's a lot of interesting detail in each of these, so I'll be writing in more detail in the coming days.

I didn't want perfectionism to get in the way of starting to write again, so here goes - I'm breaking my writing hiatus.

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