The first steps on my pathless path

The first steps on my pathless path - It’s been an interesting week, it's my first week of no job in over 8 years. It’s been liberating and terrifying in equal measure.

The first steps on my pathless path
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The first steps on my pathless path

It’s been an interesting week, it's my first week of no job in over 8 years. It’s been liberating and terrifying in equal measure. I’ve written this blog post as an attempt to write out how I feel about the situation, maybe it’s useful to you but perhaps not. Either way, thanks for reading it!

I started the week with what I knew best; knocking items off a to-do list:

  • Got a new tattoo that I’ve wanted for a while
  • Got my haircut that I’ve wanted for a while
  • Helped a handful of people via walk ‘n talks, I love these
  • Read The Pathless Path, cover to cover in two days.

The Pathless Path was a captivating read. I saw myself in a lot of the stories shared by the author, as we had both served time with General Electric, in management consulting, and stints at elite business schools - All in an attempt to walk, or run, down the default path in life.

The Pathless Path - Imagining a New Story for Work and Life
The pathless path is a book that dares to imagine a different way for thinking about how work fits into our lives

Goal setting

This week I've had to push back against setting myself a new goal. I’ve always had a defined goal, a challenge I could breakdown and pushed towards. I've found not having a defined goal is both liberating and terrifying.

The closest to a defined goal I have is to ‘figure out what I want to do’. My gut reaction to this is that I know the answer - I want to build interesting products with interesting teams - This isn’t the whole picture, I know that. There's nuance I haven't discovered for myself yet.

Creative revival

Towards the end of the week I’ve started feeling creative pangs again - jolts from the dark brain sludge which bring exciting opportunities and ideas.

I’ve decided to follow these to see where they lead, whether they offer exciting and rewarding pathways.

Over the next few days, I’ll be investigating:

  • Starting a podcast and/or newsletter called something like Interesting People Interesting Products. This will serve as an excuse to talk and riff with those building interesting teams or interesting products, fascinating conversations.
  • Building a career service for LGBTQ+ folk. I’ve helped 10+ LGBT people find either employment or more rewarding employment so far this year and it's been humbling, rewarding, and enjoyable experience. Fun fact: Did you know 1 in 3 employers admitting they are ‘less likely’ to hire a transgender person and nearly half (43%) unsure if they would recruit a transgender worker? (Source 1, Source 2).
  • Creating a new talk, workshop, or lecture on the value of Speed in business. Almost all teams, departments, and companies think they’re fast yet most are ineffective (and stressed out!). After years of building new teams, products, campaigns, and services quickly for consulting clients, I’d like to share what I’ve learnt with a wider audience.

A big thank you for the many people who reached out to say my previous post resonated with them, and thanks for reading this far, it really means a lot.

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