Weeknotes 10

Weeknotes; what happened this week? One year on from NHS Book a virtual visit service live demo, and how I structure content.

Weeknotes 10
Weeknotes #10, what happened this week?

A week of time has certainly passed. It's been a bit of a week, most of which I can't talk about but here's the highlights from the week I can mention.

One year on from NHS Book a virtual visit

I was reminded by the fab Rachel Murphy (you should follow her on Twitter), that one year ago today we were on a video call together where I had just finished one of the first live demos of the NHS Book a virtual visit service.

Image showing a laptop and a mobile phone, with me on a video call with Rachel using the NHS Book a virtual visit service
One year ago today - How quickly time flies!

At the height of the first wave of COVID in the UK, patients were stuck inside of hospitals as all visiting was blocked. Cases and deaths were rising exponentially and the NHS was in crisis mode. In the midst of all of this, I found myself in hospital with COVID, witnessing first hand the reality inside hospital wards.

Soon after recovering, I had the opportunity to do something productive, to solve some real user needs really quickly.

We produced an Alpha in 48 hours which allowed patients inside of hospital to video call their loved ones outside with the assistance of a frontline NHS worker. Previous to this, I had witnessed first hand nurses and other frontline NHS workers struggling to connect patients with their loved ones outside the hospital and often resorting to using their personal iPhone's for Facetime and WhatsApp video calls with relatives - This allowed patients to say goodbye for the last time to their loved ones, but we could do better. We owed it to these frontline NHS workers to do better.

The Alpha was a big success, gaining traction immediately. Over the next few days we continued building out requested features; booking in advance, rescheduling, inviting loved ones from abroad, and plenty of others too.

From the very first day we made sure the service was open source (the GitHub Repo is here) and received help and advice from folks around the world. The service was also featured in Wired, and won national awards too. There's a full blog post about this here, featuring the fantastic Luke Morton.

Most importantly, it connected loved ones with each other in their moment of need. That's trumps every other success metric for me.

Content creation  

This week I've continued mapping out a course, I'll be able to share more on this in the coming weeks so make sure you're subscribed for that - You can do so for free via the blue button in the bottom right hand side of this page.

I've followed the advice from my favourite Science YouTuber, Simon Clark, and have started using Notion to map out all of my upcoming content and life tasks too. I'm going to steal Simon's week planning template later today, thanks in advance Simon!

Here's what my Notion frontpage looks like.

Print screen showing the overview page for my Notion account called Journal with Jessica, headings include 2021 goals and collections
Overview of my Notion

It's a great tool which helps outline what's going on in my life and gives order to the relative chaos.

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