Weeknotes 11

Weeknotes - What Happened This Week? A dive into Show and Tells and Lightning Talks

Weeknotes 11

This week has gone by fast, here's the highlights. Well, the highlights I'm allowed to share.

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Show the thing(s)

I presented at a clients Show and Tell this week in front of a few hundred people, or at least virtually in front of them. There was some fantastic feedback and endorsements from some senior Government folk in the chat side bar afterwards, which signals a positive outcome.

It was a good Show and Tell, but this got my thinking, how can you measure success of your work during Show and Tells?

I think I've boiled it down to the following:

  • Reception in the room during and immediately after the presentation ~20% of total success score
  • Direct interaction following the Show and Tell from other attendees ~20% of the total success score
  • Other teams actively using and building on top of your work shared ~60% of the total success score

Measuring teams success in these types of sessions typically falls into two camps; it was either good, or it completely bombed.

This is useful but it's nowhere near as nuanced enough to get actionable insights for your teams.

I'm going to try this new mental model out in a couple of Show and Tells, and other larger playback style sessions, and report back. I'd love to hear if this works for you too, please get in touch.

Lightning talk: How to build an Alpha in 48 hours

I gave a lightning talk at #DeliverCon2021 on Thursday and really enjoyed the experience - Thanks DeliverCon!

DeliverCon is a Delivery Management conference for delivery managers in and around the public sector. It was over two days this year, and thankfully remote too. The other lightning talks were inspiring and the presenters stories made me laugh too - The perfect mix.

My lightning talk was titled 'How to build an Alpha in 48 hours' and was a seven minute whistle stop tour through the story of how a team managed to spin up a brand new NHS service to facilitate patients inside of hospitals to talk with their loved ones. Building the Alpha version of the service during the first wave of COVID was an experience I'll never forget - I'm truly humbled and thankfully for the NHS.

I talked about the one year anniversary of this service in last weeks Weeknote and there's a great blog post about it on Made Tech's blog which you should check out if you're interested.  

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