Weeknotes 3

Weeknotes 3 - What happened this week? Sharing what I learnt in my personal and professional life.

Weeknotes 3
Weeknotes 3 - What happened this week? 
Intro 00:00–00:47 / Listening to understand 00:48–03:50 / Learning to refocus 03:51–08:52 / Prep for post-pandemic 08:53 —14:08

What an interesting week this week was!

Listening to understand

This week we got to meet with an awesome team inside a Government department. We’re there for a couple of weeks to help with strategy related work (Vs. product or service building work) and so we took a decision to spend the first week reading to get up to speed and active listening.

You cannot offer strategic advice without having a solid foundation for what is going on today. You have to listen before you can properly understand.

I’ll add a video on this topic to my video backlog, there’s a lot more to unpack here than I can do justice in a Weeknote.

Learning to refocus

I wanted to review my Q1 OKRs this week, but I didn’t. I found myself squandering my evenings with — shock horror — Netflix and YouTube videos. While this was fun at the time, I’m kicking myself now as it wasn’t as productive as it could have been.

I also didn’t record another video.

I need to work on my ability to refocus; when I finish client work, I need to find out a way to quickly refocus my brain on my business’ work. I want to build Cluster Consulting to more than just me, and no-one else is going to do that work for me!

I have some ideas which I’m going to try out in this coming week:

  • Creating a second desk space specifically for Cluster Consulting work
  • Going for a walk after finishing client work for the day before starting Cluster Consulting work in the evenings
  • Drinking a herbal tea after client work before Cluster Consulting evening work starts

I’m always looking for other ideas, so please let me know if you think something might work well for me.

Prep for post-pandemic world

We’re maybe a couple of months away from the end of lockdown life and I want to set myself up for success. I don’t want to be in a pub in a couple of months time regretting not doing those things during the pandemic months.

I’ve kicked this off with a Skin MOT session with Pfeffer Sal this morning. I want my skin to be glowing when we leave lockdown, I don’t want to have to hide myself behind makeup*.

The person I spoke with was lovely and helped craft my new skincare routine which, should, have me glowing on video calls and in real life within weeks!

*Makeup is great and I do love it but I did rely on it to cover up my skin sometimes, so why not fix the root cause?

Next week

  • Dive further into the client work; workshops, etc.
  • Start my new skincare routine
  • Setup my second desk

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