Weeknotes 5

Weeknotes 5 - What happened this week? Sharing what I learnt in my personal and professional life.

Weeknotes 5
Weeknotes 5 - What happened this week?
Introduction 00:00–00:37 / Bring out your dead 00:38–03:39 / Post pandemic: Personal 03:41–07:38 / Post pandemic: Professional 07:39–09:40 / Next week 09:42–10:47

Bring out your dead!

We had our first big Show and Tell session this week and it wen’t really well! We’ve been sharing our progress at end of day (EoD) sessions with the client leads, but this was the first opportunity to really deep dive into work the team have been doing.

The team presented their own work — I’m really uncomfortable sharing someone else’s work (unless they really don’t want to or can’t do it, for whatever reason). A Product/Delivery Lead should be amplifying the teams voice and not taking their hard work credit.

During the client’s feedback they shared a fantastic phrase “Thank you for bringing out your dead”.

Bringing out your dead referrers to showing your work before the polished artefact or output — Similar to Maths homework where you had 1 point for the correct answer (the output) and 3 points for showing your workings (the dead).

Sharing our learnings, failures, and avenues which provided limited value is often more useful for building up skillsets within the clients team. Of course they need the final output, but they miss the opportunity to also learn on how we got to the answer too which can be applied to other tricky problems once our engagement has finished.

Always leave the world in a better place than you found it — Always bring out your dead.

Prepping for a post-pandemic world

I’ve finally committed to my first physical event, the immersive Van Gogh exhibit — The first date I feel comfortable, at least right now, in booking something in the real world for is November 2021!

I’m really excited about the idea of the pandemic nearly being over, but the data doesn’t support that in my opinion (yet). In my opinion, we’ve only just started to recover from the “Christmas break” which caused a huge spike in infections and deaths. I’m not eligible for a vaccine early as my health condition hasn’t caused hospitalisation in the last two years — Couple that with a limited vaccine supply in the UK for at least the next few weeks, I just can’t see us being over this very soon.

However, it’s not all doom and gloom! I’m using the remaining time in lockdown to get my personal life back in order again before escaping back into the wider world;

  • Growing out my fringe (apologies in advance, I will complain a lot about this!),
  • Getting my skincare routine back in order thanks to Pfeffer Sal,
  • Getting back on my exercise routine.

There are also lots of professional elements to do during this time too;

  • Breaking down the book into lengthy blog posts instead (A huge thank you for the suggestion earlier in the week — A MVP approach to writing a book),
  • Writing and recording my backlog of YouTube videos,
  • Submit applications to speak at events.

Next week

  • Our first client deliverable is due — Lots of hard work this week ahead of the deadline,
  • (Actually doing this next week!) Reviewing Q1 Personal and Professional OKRs (and report back via a YouTube video),
  • Take the draft of Cluster Consulting’s first book and create blog posts instead.

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