Weeknotes 6

Weeknotes 6 - What happened this week? Sharing what I learned in my personal and professional life.

Weeknotes 6
Weeknotes 6 - What happened this week?
Introduction 00:00–01:22 / Delivering Deliverables 01:23–05:49 / Q1 Personal OKR Recap 05:50–07:31 / Online masterclass 07:32–09:17 / Next week 09:18–End

Delivering deliverables

We had our teams first big client deliverables this week so it was a bit of a hectic week getting it all together — Displaying a months work of a full team can be challenging.

We had a lot to share, detail to the nth degree. This doesn’t work well to share in a deliverable as it needs to be concise whilst being built on strong foundations.

To ensure conciseness, we focused on key themes:

  • What did we learn?
  • Which investigation avenues lead to dead ends?
  • Which frameworks did we utilise?
  • What does the artefact or output look like?
  • How can this be used moving forward?

Answering these questions in a few talking, or bullet, points ensures we are openly sharing with the client whilst also passing on our learnings.

Q1 update on personal OKRs

I haven’t made a YouTube video about this yet, one might be coming soon so check out my YouTube channel. Instead I’ve written an update here.

TL’DR; I’ve read consistently, haven’t dated but have booked in my first post-lockdown event (an immersive Van Gough exhibition!).

Started outlining an online masterclass

I’ve recognised there’s a gap in the market, so I’m going to give building an online course a go!

No, it’s not cryptocurrency, NFT, or stock trading — This is going to be actually useful information.

More details will be shared on my Twitter here in the coming weeks.

Next week

  • End of the tax year (sort of)
  • Filming the first trail session of the online masterclass
  • Building roadmaps with a client

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