Weeknotes 7

Week 7 of weeknotes - What happened this week? Covering how to craft a show and tell session and the end of the tax year.

Weeknotes 7
Weeknotes - What happened this week?
Intro 00:00 -  00:50 / Big bang show and tell session 00:52 - 07:47 / Tax year is over 07:48 - 09:22 / Next week 09:23 - End

I'm attempting to get this Weeknote out a day early before the UK bank holiday long weekend - No client work until Tuesday, there will be so much time for fun activities!

What are Weeknotes?

I've had this question a few times before, so I'm going to include this short section in future Weeknotes in an attempt to make them more accessible for folks who are new to the practice.

Weeknotes are short and to the point blogposts which outline what you've been through during the week. Originally they were work focused, covering topics such as learnings you have, big meetings you covered, and almost anything else work related which you wanted to share. I've stolen the core Weeknotes formula and blended it with other sections of my life too, so I often cover personal elements into my Weeknotes too as that works best for me. There aren't any rules, just have fun!

Big Show and Tell

This week we had a big show and tell session with my current client to cover the first month of outputs from our multidisciplinary team. I really enjoy show and tell sessions, especially when you've achieved a lot. Crafting your work into a narrative can be challenging, these tips have been useful for me and my teams before.

  1. Create a fresh working environment - Due to the nature of the project we work a lot in Miro, step one is to create a fresh Miro board dedicated to the show and tell playbacks.
  2. Create heading sections - You can typically cover 2-4 sections in a typical show and tell, think carefully about how to both prioritise those sections in order to craft a coherent narrative.
  3. Visual imagery - Filling a slide with text will not get your point across, it won't make you appear smart and it'll send your audience to sleep. Think carefully about how to pitch your work without relying on seemingly endless heavy text.
  4. Key takeaways - When wrapping up your show and tell, try to summarise the key findings or key takeaways which are most important in your teams narrative.
  5. Question time - Setout at the start of the show and tell the format for questions or engagement from others not presenting. Holding all questions to the end often leads to folks forgetting their questions or jumping in with them mid-way through anyway. I've found a useful cadence is to stop for questions at the end of each heading in the narrative.

End of the tax year

Long live the tax year! It's my first time in many years submitting my taxes at the end of the tax year, what an experience!

We are going to be sharing all of Cluster Consulting's business income, expenses, and profit breakdowns this weekend, so watch out for that - just hit the blue Subscribe button on the bottom right.

We believe it's possible to build a business whilst remaining completely open and transparent. Sharing a view of our finances is a big step towards proving out this hypothesis.

Next week

  • Bank holiday content creation
  • Publishing Cluster Consulting accounts
  • Detailed workshops with the client

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