Weeknotes 8

What happened this week? Transparently sharing business financials, content creation timelines, and what we're looking forward to next week.

Weeknotes 8
Introduction 00:00 - 00:53 / How Much Money We Made 00:54 - 03:47 / Bank Holiday Content Creation 03:48 - 05:33 / Any Other Business 05:34 - 07:02 / Next Week 07:03 - End

This has been a short week due to the bank holiday but it hasn't felt like it!

Sharing business financials

This week marked the end of the tax year. Given Cluster Consulting is a radically transparent company, we've shared our financials in a blog post and a YouTube video.  

Thread from Twitter 

Sharing the inner workings of a company such as how much money you have (or haven't) made is really quire scary. I took the decision to do so as it's an important first step in proving you can build a successful company whilst also being radically transparent.

Time and time again companies have gotten away with the shadiest of dealings through obfuscating practices, negating the whole truth, and investing heavily in positive PR pieces to cover their tracks. These behaviours are abhorrent. We need to find a new normal for doing business.

I don't believe there's a relationship between earning money and making a positive impact in what you do. However, given we're radically open it's worth sharing that piece too (and we've been asked about this topic a lot, so we're responding to that).

YouTube video on the topic

Bank holiday content creation recap

I spent the bank holiday weekend planning out the upcoming content pieces for Cluster Consulting, I'm really excited to share updates about an online course angle that I'm investigating now, but that'll be for future Weeknotes once there's something more substantial to share.

I used to be a couple of weeks ahead with content but that lead has slipped, so taking the time to plan out these upcoming pieces of content is really useful.

These pieces aren't done and most aren't more than a basic outline yet, but it's a weight off my shoulders knowing there's a roadmap there. Aren't roadmaps great?

Any other business

There were lots of meetings this week, none of which I'm allowed to talk about in much detail. Some were really engaging and interesting, other meetings folks had their cameras off the entire time with minimal engagement.

Having your camera off is completely acceptable, there's a bunch of really valid reasons why you might want too. It does make the session harder to run, as you're not able to pickup social queues in the same way in which you can when you can see and hear someone.

I've started running again, mainly after work. It's horrible but I'm starting to enjoy it again. I'll keep going and see where I end up in a couple of weeks time.

Next week

I'm looking forward to:

  • Getting a draft of the first chapter of the online course done.
  • Investigating buying a mirrorless DLSR camera to use as a webcam (to send images of my face in even higher quality, an obvious requirement!).
  • Understanding where this current programme of work is heading and which problems I can help solve next.