Weeknotes 9

Another week, another weeknotes. Here's what happened this week! The value of no hello, new lighting gear, and the plan for next week.

Weeknotes 9

Another week, another weeknotes.

There's no video this week as I've had electrolysis on my face earlier. For those unaware, electrolysis is a procedure where a technician puts a needle into each individual hair follicle and blasts it with three zaps of electricity, killing the hair forever. It's effective but painful, leaving a not so nice looking face. Normal service resumes next week.

Here's what happened this week!

The value of no hello

During my time at Google, I learnt the value of not typing a "hello" message and then typing out a request, ask, or observation - or worse, waiting for someone to reply "hello!" before writing your request.

Following this behaviour pattern is an antiquated pre-digital communication method. It's a poor investment in time with limited to no benefits. You can find a detailed yet brief explanation over on the No Hello website.

I've been trying to share this widely within the current team and it's had some positive impact - A reduction in waiting times before a request has a net positive impact on our team.

I've struggled to find a polite mechanism to share this more widely, perhaps worth a quick video on the subject so I can refer back to it in the future - Watch out for that on YouTube!

Some new gear


I've found the mirrorless DLSR camera and lens which would be perfect for my current remote working setup, however I'm going to hold off purchasing that to ensure I have a healthy cash flow in the business. It'd be great to have access to the increased 4k resolution for content creation now, but I'm embracing deferred gratification to promote fiscal responsibility. The business director in me is proud.

Lights, camera, action!

I've upped my lighting game, moving from a small ring light to an Elgato Key Light, it's bigger and better in every possible way. I got it working within a couple of minutes and was able to find the correct colour temperature to bring out my smile before a meeting.

My old light with a red cross on top of it and my new bigger light with a green tick next to it
New Vs. Old light

Next week

I'm big on planning my week and having it become outdated almost immediately, so this week I'm changing it up a little bit by agreeing key themes for the week and tackling elements of them each day. On top of my day job, which I can't include in here unfortunately, the key themes for next week are:

  • Create content: Write 2 videos, record at least 1, one live stream  
  • Workout: Continue on the Couch to 5k journey, begin getting my bike ready for the summer
  • Learn: Pickup the next professional book and get reading.

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